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Article: Stem Cell Revolution: Why Stem Cell Therapy is the Future of Medicine

Stem cell therapy is a revolutionary approach in regenerative medicine that is breaking ground with rapid strides in the medical world. In his new book, Stem Cell Revolution, Joseph Christiano N.D. reveals why stem cell therapy is the future of medicine as he demystifies this fascinating healing process that empowers people to experience relief while reversing the effects of degenerative disease without negative side effects.
by Kaitlin Covel
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Interview: Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Informative interview with Dr. Joseph Christiano on the benefits of adult stem cell therapy & activation with host Roy Richards.
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Article: Stem Cell Therapy: A New Approach To Heal Your Body

Rapid change is occurring all around us, and we continually witness “disruptive” technologies replacing conventional, common place practices over the span of only a few years."
by Joseph Christiano
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Book Reviews: ‘Stem Cell Revolution: Discover 26 Disruptive Technological Advances to Stem Cell Activators,’ by Joseph Christiano, ND

"With Stem Cell Revolution, Christiano provides a complete guide to a veritable revolution in medicine."
by Patricia Gale from
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"Adult stem cell therapy is minimally invasive, brings faster results than conventional interventions and prevents unnecessary surgeries."
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Interview: Joseph Christiano, ND, Author of ‘Stem Cell Revolution: Discover 26 Disruptive Technological Advances in Stem Cell Activation’

"Having reviewed the book for this site, I was curious about Christiano’s perspective. He used stem cell therapies himself to recover from crippling bouts of pain and other health issues. As a health professional he believes it’s vital to educate the public on these revolutionary treatment options. As a person, he knows they work."
by Patricia Gale from
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