CNSN - Adult Stem Cell Activators for Central and Peripheral Nervous System


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CNSN Central and Peripheral Nervous System - 30mL

Regulates intercellular communication. Supports cellular & tissue regeneration in the Central and Peripheral Nervous System.

Possible Applications: neurological degeneration, ALS, MS, RSD, neuropathy, nerve damage, de-myelination, degenerative and pathological conditions, etc.

Adult Stem Cell Activators target the Central and Peripheral Nervous System. Regulatory Protein-based Nanoparticles and Nanotechnology targets the gland, organ or tissue creating cellular communication for optimum glandular function. The damaged cells/tissues are replaced and removed from the body.

Debbie on 01/11/2018 07:54am
For years I%u2019ve suffered with lower back pain from herniated discs. My typical pattern was a flare up requiring a chiropractor, hot and cold therapy, and stretching. Then I would be relatively pain-free for another six months. As the condition worsened, my %u201Cnormal%u201D between flare ups grew to a pain level of three or four (on a scale of one to ten). There was never a time when my back wasn%u2019t hurting. It was also difficult to stand up straight and I often walked around hunched over in stiffness.
In the summer of 2017 things suddenly escalated. My pain was so excruciating I needed a walker just to get out of bed. On top of this I experienced painful spasms I can only compare to being electrocuted, and my normal fixes were no use. It took four rounds of steroids, a trip to the ER, and an overnight stay in the hospital on IV pain killers for the inflammation, pain, and spasms to stop.
After being told I was not a candidate for spinal surgery, I wondered how I would continue functioning in normal life. I couldn%u2019t work for more than two days in a row because sitting at my desk escalated the pain. Standing up straight was impossible and a walker was a necessity 24/7. When I wasn%u2019t at work, the only thing I could do was lie flat on my back. That is no way to live.
Many people began praying for me, and at that exact time Dr. Joe%u2019s manuscript for Stem Cell Revolution hit my desk. As I began to read his encouraging information about stem cell treatments, it seemed he had written it just for me! Because of their affordability, I decided to order a three-month supply of the stem cell activators. I didn%u2019t tell anyone because I wasn%u2019t sure what would happen.
After a week, I noticed my pain level decreasing, and in a month, I was pain free for the first time in a year. I wasn%u2019t taking any muscle relaxers or pain meds%u2014not even a Tylenol%u2014and my pain was gone. These adult stem cell activators have given my life back to me. They are a true answer to prayer!
%u2014Debbie Marrie
Vice President of Product Development at Charisma Media

Ruth L on 05/26/2017 06:04am
I am a retired nurse in my mid 80'sI am taking several different activators for different issues they are CNSE CNSN BLDR OST I feel younger then I did before. A walking miracle! my mental status has improved no more pain, my blood vessels look great!! I am so delighted. Thank you!
Beverly C on 05/26/2017 05:52am
I feel AWESOME since I started taking this stuff. Thank you for this miracle medicine

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