Harvard Study (and AHA) on Blood Types and Cardiovascular Disease

Written by Joseph Christiano ND

I find their study nearly 100% accurate with our findings and experience with blood type ABO patients and clients who have elevated cholesterol, a high-risk factor for cardiovascular disease. What the study and Dr QI says as to not being certain as to what the 'cause' is, of this dilemma, we have been saying all alone. It is "diet" that plays a huge role in correcting this condition. 

One point mentioned in the study is that most blood type O individuals do not have this condition or are least likely to experience it as their counterparts the A and AB blood types being most susceptible. 

A very significant reason for this phenomenon, blood type and diet is, the O blood type individual has very thin blood viscosity whereas the A and AB have very thick or sluggish or gooey blood viscosity causing their predisposed genetic condition to most likely contribute to heart disease or potentially eminent.

The diet is the most significant component remedy that contributes to or acts as a remedy for cardiovascular disease. 

Like the blood type O individual who has high secretion levels of peptic acid in the stomach making them very conducive for certain foods such as red meat, allowing the digestive system to easily break down the dense protein for proper digestion and assimilation, the A and AB having low acid secretions in the stomach find their digestive system struggling with breaking down dense meat or protein and causing distress in the colon and colon toxicity buildup due to undigested food which ultimately slows down their already sluggish blood viscosity.

So our conclusion or remedy for countering the potential of cardiovascular disease for the A and AB blood type individual from a natural perspective is "diet". Their diet should be void of dense meats. In comparison to the A and AB blood type individuals, the O experiences positive digestibility, assimilation and reduction in cholesterol by including red meat as a protein food source to their diet. 

See: Bloodtypes, Bodytypes and YOU by Joseph Christiano ND for comprehensive diet lists per blood type, including their strengths and weaknesses.

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