Home Colon Cleansing Products

Taking care of your colon is an important part of overall health. Our colon cleansing products make it easy for anyone to safely cleanse their colon at home. Founded by Dr. Joseph Christiano, Body Redesigning has been helping people improve their overall health and well-being naturally. And Dr. Christiano recommends people do a home colon cleanse every six months for optimum health.

The colon carries nearly 10 to 15 pounds of waste which may also contain bacteria and parasites. While the body will naturally relieve the colon over time, many people feel cramping, bloating, and other intestinal issues from bacteria and parasites that remain in the intestinal tract. A colon cleansing system can help speed up the natural process providing symptom relief and it may also be helpful in preventing diseases of the colon.

We offer a number of colon cleansing products designed to cleanse and remove toxins from the colon in the comfort of your home. Our Colon Health Package is a complete 14-day colon cleansing system that includes the INNER OUT colon cleansing and detoxifying system, digestive matrix enzymes, and cape aloe capsules which is a natural remedy for chronic constipation.

The first step in the 3-phase home colon cleanse treatment is the preparation phase that helps kill any parasites with frequent bathroom trips to prepare the colon for the next phase. In the second phase, you will use a nutrient enriched powder which is a clay-like substance that mops up the parasites and toxins and cleanses the colon wall. Finally, during the third phase pro-biotic capsules will restore your colon and you will begin eating solid foods again. The digestive matrix that is part of the home colon cleanse is very beneficial in helping you improve digestion by breaking down the fats, starches and proteins that are in the foods you consume.

You can also find other colon cleansing products on our website like Psyllium which is an all natural vegetable substance that many individuals take to add fiber to their diet. You can also order our starch inhibitor which is made from white kidney beans and has been proven to help block starch and promote weight loss.