Question & Answer: Blood Type Diet

I'm a blood type O and read in your book that bread, grains and cereals are not compatible for my blood type. Why do you recommend Ezekiel bread?
Typically, blood type O's (as well as all the other blood types) experience digestive problems wheat products because of the wheat gluten. It plays havoc and interferes with their digestive system. On the other hand, bread such as Ezekiel bread are compatible for each blood type. The reason being is that this bread is a sprouted multi-grain bread that does not contain the lectin called agglutinin. It is during the sprouting process that the lectin found in the shell of the seed is destroyed making it compatible for all blood types. This is why you find it listed in the beneficial category.

Where can I purchase Ezekiel bread?
Ezekiel bread can be purchased at your local health food store in the refrigerator and freezer section. You might be interested in the following web site addresses for information of stores closest to you:, or

How do I find out what my blood type is?
First of all do not feel alone if you do not know what you blood type is, most people do not know their blood type either. In my book I make reference to several options for determining your blood type. You could check with your physician and see if there is any record of your blood type on file. It has been my observation that most physicians do not have these important records on file at their offices. Many people have reported that they were recommended by their physician to go to the lab for this special blood test and have spent up to $100.00. Another option is checking your military records or marriage certificate if your physician does have it. Also you can give blood at your local Red Cross. They will provide your blood typing for you.

Unfortunately it has been our experience that many people do not want to donate blood. Therefore you can take advantage of our Home Blood Testing Kit. It is available on this web site by clicking here or by calling 1-800-259-BODY. This kit is complete with all the components that will allow you to know your blood type in just minutes and in the privacy of your own home.

Why do you prefer Florida avocado instead of the California avocado?
The basic preference for eating the Florida avocado instead of the California avocado is because it is high in monounsaturated fat and is plenteous in vitamin B6 and B12.

My blood type is A. Explain how I can know if I am an A2 or an A1?
The easiest way to determine that is to find out if one of your parents are blood type O. Genetically you inherited the O gene, therefore making you a blood type A2. If you donated blood at your local blood bank you can request an additional test for determining it.

Shouldn't everyone eat vegetarian?
Unfortunately vegetarian diets are not compatible for all blood types. Blood type A individuals do best eating vegetarian. The blood type AB does well eating vegetarian but has the flexibility to enjoy foods that are compatible for the blood type B. The blood type O person does best by avoiding the vegetarian diet, particularly when it comes to the grains, cereals, wheat and vegetable protein sources.

How can I get a jump-start on my weight loss goals?
First of all there are 2 areas to address - Diet and Exercise. Before you can begin your dietary strategy you need to know your blood type. After determining your blood type, then make your food selections from the beneficial categories for each food group for a minimum of one month. It is important to eat meals, snacks or shakes that are anabolic. Any meal, snack, shake or smoothie that is Anabolic is simply higher in protein content than carbohydrates. So whether you enjoy eating meals and want to include snacks or just a shake or smoothie to replace a meal, by keeping them high in protein your body will better utilize body fat for energy and assist your weight loss attempts.

The second part of your weight loss strategy is to exercise. The most accurate way to exercise is by knowing your body type. By carrying more lean weight your body burns more calories per hour 24 hours a day. Exercising in a manner that stimulates and strengthens the muscles, shapes and tones and improves cardiovascular conditioning will do the trick.

If you are not certain what blood type and diet to follow or what your body type is then refer to my book Bloodtypes, Bodytypes and YOU and find out what your genetics say about you. Then incorporate the personalized programs into your strategy. This is a great way to jump-start your way into weight (fat) loss.

Since the blood type A individuals have a naturally sluggish or thicker blood will donating blood regularly correct the problem?
By donating blood you will experience a drop in blood volume but the response is temporary. Blood type A's have genetically predisposed thick blood. This unfortunately contributes to a variety of potential heart and cardiovascular problems but there are some things you can to do improve your situation. By including supplements such as Vitamin E, garlic and Gingko Biloba as natural blood thinners you can counter what your genetics have given you. You can also take an aspirin a day. Do check with your physician first. Be cognizant of their vital role as part of your preventative lifestyle. The primary component for helping with the sluggish blood is to follow the diet for blood type A correctly.

What makes our blood types so important as to what we eat?
Knowing one's blood type in connection with the food selections made is of great importance. Since the body's reactions and responses to food ingested is bio-chemical in nature and each blood type of the ABO Blood Group responds differently than the other, it makes only reasonable sense to eat foods that are compatible. Our research and studies have indicated that certain blood types have the propensities for experiences certain diseases earlier in life whereas other blood types seemed to have dodged the bullet so to speak and not experience them until later. Certain foods are linked to various disorders and diseases for certain blood types as well causing weight loss or stimulating gain. Being successful at weight loss or gain or enjoying good vibrant health comes from the body that functions as normal and in balance as it was intended to do so - not by will power and dieting.

Because we are not all the same blood type how can we expect our bodies to react the same way when eating the same foods? This approach to eating refutes the one diet fits all mentality.

Does the fact that one's blood type is positive or negative play into diet?
The Rh+ or Rh- does not play into the blood type diet. This is another blood typing system referred to as the Rhesus factor. The name originated from the rhesus monkey that is used in numerous laboratory studies. Its significance is primarily in the case of pregnancies or organ transplants.

TYPE O - What can I do for constant indigestion besides taking antacids?
I drink orange juice and coffee at breakfast plus shredded wheat cereal w/milk. I need to lose a few pounds, too.

First of all antacids target only the symptoms and give temporary relief if that. As a blood type O wheat interferes with your digestive systems and may contribute to your inability to lose weight. A compatible cereal choice would be Amaranth flakes, rice cereal, buckwheat or spelt but without dairy milk. Try Soy Milk as a replacement beverage. I like to make a chocolate protein shake w/ either water or Soy milk and pour it over my cereal. It makes for an enjoyable, compatible cocoa crispy bowl of cereal! It would be best to substitute grapefruit juice in place of orange juice and herbal or green for coffee because of their acidity. Type O's are notorious for stomach problems and burning from too much acidity in their systems.

TYPE A - I have been exercising for several years now but I find it difficult to gain muscularity. What am I doing wrong?
Without knowing your exercise routine it is difficult to make a valid recommendation but let me make the following points. As a blood type AA or A1 which I would assume you are it is generally difficult to develop muscle. The blood type AO or A2 on the other hand seem to be able to develop muscle somewhat easier because of the fact they carry the recessive O gene. This doesn't mean you cannot build muscle. Generally most people exercise or workout to the point of diminishing returns. They usually over train their body genetics limitations.

First determine what your closest body genetics are - see Bloodtypes, Bodytypes and YOU. Your progress comes in leaps and bounds so be patient and stay within your body structure strategies. Work towards developing symmetry and balance then address defining muscle. Secondly, be sure to take in protein throughout the day for muscle repair. Your training should stimulate the muscle and your protein help them recover and repair. Make sure your protein selections are compatible to your blood type - see my Body Genetics protein shakes - they are great anabolic drinks.

BLOOD TYPE AB - I have high cholesterol. My father died at 56 and my brother at 51 and I am 49. Will this diet lower my cholesterol? Is there hope?
A woman called my office with a similar situation. Her cholesterol was 275 so her doctor put her on a popular high protein diet and wanted her to take cholesterol lower drugs. She refused to take the medication but followed the diet. After a follow-up blood test her cholesterol climbed to 336. She asked me if I could help her. She was afraid because her father died in his 50's as did her brother. I told her to follow the blood type diet for her type but to be sure she cut out chicken meat. After another blood test (within 3 weeks) her cholesterol level dropped to 226. Today she is healthier than ever with no apparent cholesterol problems. Yes there is hope!

BLOOD TYPE B - I have constant stomach problems and am on medication for them. Will this diet plan work for me?
A couple years ago I met a woman who asked about my book and after I told her what it was about she said to me that she had been taking medication for her stomach problems, was over weight and tired. I told her to follow the plan but be sure to avoid chicken meat. With reservation she cut chicken meat out for 3 weeks. Shortly there after I met with her and she had told me she was off all medications, had no stomach problems, lost 16lbs and had tons of energy. She confessed that near the end of those 3 weeks her daughter had brought some fried chicken to her house. She ate one piece and said she was sick for 2 days. Like you she is a B - so B positive!

What is the low down on your protein?
My Body Genetics protein shakes are formulated for each blood type. It is so vitally important to have protein every day but from a compatible source. Besides the menus and food selections in my books, the protein shakes serve as great meal replacements, snacks and pre-bedtime drinks. Protein is necessary for muscle tissue recover and repair, strengthening the heart and immune system plus putting the body into a fat burning mode that naturally burns excess body fat.