Stem Cell and PRP Therapy – Excerpts from STEM CELL REVOLUTION

One-On-One with Dr. Joe and Helmut Makosch
I asked Helmut Makosch, a veteran stem cell scientist if he would be willing to sit down and have a one-on-one interview with me to discuss various questions about stem cell and PRP therapy, and he said he would! Here is a portion transcript of that interview.

Dr. Joe: What is your medical training and/or background?
Helmut: Some of my schooling was done in Germany where I received my bachelor’s degree in chemistry, physics, and mathematics and later my MSc in organic chemistry. I became a member of the American Academy of Antiaging Medicine in 2003 and continued my studies in advanced endocrinology, biology, and stem cell technologies. Then I studied cutting-edge advancements in cell culturing and applications. In 2011 I opened a complete stem cell clinic in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, where we performed the first rebuilding of a heart on a patient given three weeks to live. Little of what we do can be learned at universities. It is truly pioneer work with patients hands-on that has made SC [stem cell] technologies advance so fast.

Dr. Joe: Do you have a stem cell facility here in the United States?
Helmut: I have two locations . . . St. Augustine, Florida, and Jacksonville, Florida.

Dr. Joe: What influenced you to pursue regenerative medicine? And for how many years?
Helmut: The greatest influence on me was the success with patients and seeing their tears of joy recovering from hopeless conditions. For ten years I have a history of performing more than one thousand stem cell therapies.

Dr. Joe: Explain the difference between stem cell therapy/ treatments and PRP therapy.
Helmut: A platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy utilizes a concentrate of growth factors derived from the patient’s blood, which when injected into localized areas such as a shoulder, spine, or knee generally speeds up the healing process significantly. In stem cell therapy, we use the PRP from the patient to activate his or her stem cells, which have been extracted from the fat tissue utilizing a mini liposuction. The number of cells harvested with our newer technology is typically between five hundred million to two billion cells.

Dr. Joe: What is the typical success rate of SC and PRP therapy with your patients?
Helmut: PRP therapies are often repeated to lead to success while stem cell therapy is mostly a one-time application in orthopedics.

Dr. Joe: Do you specialize in any certain area or areas? Please describe.
Helmut: I specialize in musculoskeletal and degenerative illnesses, arthritis, and sports injuries. Also with diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes type 2, COPD, erectile dysfunction, arthritis, brain trauma, and many more. The most common in orthopedics is shoulders, knees, hips, spine, and neck regeneration.

Dr. Joe: How has SC therapy evolved since you first started?
Helmut: Significantly! We have developed techniques that will yield much greater amounts of stem cells than in the past. We have demonstrated that utilizing 3D printer technology we have regenerated human ears and noses, and that is just the beginning.

Dr. Joe: Where do you see the future of stem cell therapy going?
Helmut: Organs will be cloned, and immortal cells will be engineered that may promise a much longer lifespan, perhaps a total reversing of aging and elimination of the aging diseases.

Dr. Joe: What can a patient expect if they come to you for SC treatment?
Helmut: Our success rate based on orthopedic applications is about 85 percent. Many patients are pain-free the next day, however, the actual regeneration process will take two to three months.

Dr. Joe: Is stem cell therapy for everyone?
Helmut: No, it is not for everyone. People with extreme damage to their joints accumulated over years untreated may have reached a point where stem cells are not the best choice. Age, however, is not an issue; our oldest patient was one hundred years old when receiving stem cell therapy.

Dr. Joe: While some treatment centers are administering SC therapy to cancer patients, other people are concerned about the proliferation of cancer cells/tumors if they had SC therapy. Is there a concern or connection with SC therapy and cancer? What are the pros and cons?
Helmut: There is no evidence that stem cells may aid tumors or cancers; however, we do not treat people with these conditions.

Dr. Joe: Is SC treatment successful for antiaging? If so, explain. What areas of treatment?
Helmut: Stem cells given as an IV have, in my opinion, a regenerative effect as reported by many patients. They typically notice improvement to their skin and memory. Since stem cells built our body, they have the potential to repair tissues in most areas of our body and provide more energy.

Dr. Joe: What should an individual look for when pursuing a stem cell clinic/facility?
Helmut: For a consumer, it is important to find a stem cell clinic that has a good success rate and a real stem cell laboratory with a knowledgeable scientist as well as doctors trained in liposuction and injection techniques. Many of the “Kit Systems” [the tools by which the physician provides stem cell therapy] utilized today will not provide enough cells to have enough therapeutic value. It’s like sending five thousand troops into battle when thirty thousand were needed.

Dr. Joe: Would you mind sharing a few testimonials of your patients who you treated over the years?
Helmut: I’d be glad to.

Patient #1—Let’s call him Marcus, an old friend of mine. Thirty years ago, he had a dirt bike accident. He hit a rock and was catapulted about fifty feet, landing head first in the mud. He barely survived with heavy brain trauma, a triple fracture in his neck including his atlas, broken clavicle, and both shoulders dislocated, as well as lower back injuries. After weeks in the hospital, he was released. His pain was constant and over the years turned into arthritis. Marcus ultimately called me, told me that his pain was intolerable, he could not lift his arms to wash his hair, his sciatica was causing also a lot of pain. He stated that he was going from doctor to doctor and several chiropractors with no relief while living on pain medication. Then he asked me, “Do you think stem cells could help me?” As a scientist, I must be careful not to promise anything to anyone, because I have very little control over what stem cells will do. I just know that they are powerful and have the potential to repair all kinds of tissues. I told Marcus based on what I have witnessed stem cells do, I would do therapy ASAP. Marcus came all the way from Canada and was treated in a five-hour procedure. The harvest of total stem cells was over 1.2 billion cells with over 96 percent viability. All his ailing regions were injected. He also received an IV to target lung inflammation [for which he had been] treated for twelve years. His arms’ range of motion improved overnight by 26 and 76 degrees respectively. The second day after SC therapy he was pain-free, and his lungs had completely cleared as well. Marcus told me he wished his doctors would have known about SC technology. He went back to work and had a new life as he stated. Since I cultured his cells, he came back four years later to have a booster IV with his own cells and states that he feels great.

Patient #2—Let’s call him Walter. Walter had previous open bypass surgery of the heart and two stents placed. Years after this intervention Walter’s heart caused trouble again; this time his right ventricle of the heart was in necrosis (the heart muscle was dying). His wife (an angel) called me, crying, “I don’t want to lose my husband. The cardiologist gave him about three weeks to live. Isn’t there anything you can think of to save my husband?” I replied, “Yes! I can think of a possibility, but it has never been done before.” She said, “Let’s do it!”. We took a biopsy from Walter’s thigh muscle to run a culture. We needed his own muscle cells to stop the necrosis since his SC would take about twenty-eight days to differentiate. We were up against time. I took Walter to my clinic in Honduras to harvest his SC and started an additional culture with his cells for future therapies. At the medical center, I had a team of two cardiologists, a special heart anesthesiologist, and seven assistants. Walter’s SC and muscle cells where injected via special catheter directly into various regions of his heart. This was five years ago. Walter is alive and doing well.

Patient #3—Let’s call him Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith had stage 4 Crohn’s disease. Vanderbilt University and Mayo Clinic gave him an estimated three months to live. His pain was extreme, and he would get up at three in the morning to prepare his body for work at 9 a.m. Mr. Smith took $11,000 worth of medications per month. When I started his SC treatment and parallel cultured his cells, he quit all medications cold turkey. Mr. Smith was given an IV of his stromal vascular fraction (SVF) of over 1.5 billion cells. Within days he noticed a rapid decline in pain and inflammation. I further treated Mr. Smith in a protocol containing six more treatments from his culture. Even though Mr. Smith eats all the wrong foods for his previous condition, he has no symptoms. After four years Mr. Smith went back to Vanderbilt University where he was tested utilizing a capsule camera that travels through his intestines. His doctors where baffled as they compared old images to this new one and stated, “We can’t find any Crohn’s. What did you do?” Mr. Smith is now almost six years free of this disease without medication (a big loss to Pharma).
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