Colon Health and You!

Written by Joseph Christiano ND

The Unmentionable Subject 

Pollution! You've read about it in all the newspapers and magazines. You've watched it on the six o'clock news. You've breathed it on the freeways. Pollution is a serious ecological problem of global magnitude that affects every human being.

Unless we clean up our environment and stop polluting it, we will bring ill health and even imminent death to our children and ourselves. The forests, trees, plants and wildlife, as well as the ozone layer, are all slowly dying. Our planet has become a sick environment for man, and soon we will no longer be able to live the healthy life we knew many years ago. If everyone took some time to do their part then perhaps we all could share together, all the benefits of a healthier environment.

Unfortunately, similar forms of pollution are taking place in your 'invironment' or colon, too. If you could imagine the sanitation company in your town not coming by and picking up your garbage for months on end what kind of unhealthy mess you would have on your hands. You would have parasites, disease carrying rodents, stench and foul-smelling air just to mention a few. Well imagine similar types of purification and pollution occurring in your own colon as well.

Regular sanitation pick-ups are vitally important, so our immediate environment is free of pollution, etc. Regularity or elimination is also vitally important if you plan to experience a long healthy life.

So why not start today and take a look on the inside to see how you can create a healthier and more vibrant quality of life by cleansing your colon.