Miraculous Results with INNER OUT Colon Cleansing

Written by Joseph Christiano ND

Often, I receive many letters from my client who take time to share their results and experience when going through my INNER OUT colon cleansing system. The testimonial letter below was so unusual and yet powerful at the same time, that I had to share the awesome results with you. Please take a minute and read the miraculous results in this letter:

I just reordered mine a couple of days ago. I have personally been using this product (INNER OUT colon cleansing system) since 2002! I saw Dr. Joseph Christiano on Daystar talking about feeling sluggish, skin problems, indigestion, etc and the body's need for a colon cleanse. He named a lot of reasons why we all need to cleanse but he mentioned the necessity of cleansing if one has been on a lot of medication/antibiotics.

Well, my 25-year-old son had been in a car wreck, went in a coma, had half of his skull removed and put in the freezer. For 3 months he was given several strong medications. When they put his skull back on, he was given intravenously, the strongest antibiotics available and multiple kinds so his body wouldn't reject his skull. Now this is the reason I became so sold on this unique colon cleanse that scrubs your colon walls.

You see, almost two years after my son’s wreck, his complexion was so bad. It was hard for him to accept because he never had acne as a teen and was always complimented on his beautiful face. After watching the show, I decided to place an order for myself and my son. I did mine first and honestly felt 20 years younger! Then my son, Joshua did it. I was thinking about all the prescriptions he had been on for so long, but had completely forgot about the feeding tube he had for 9 months. The day his feeding tube was placed, they ran a bag of some turquoise radioactive dye through his system to ensure that it was placed correctly.

I was in absolute shock and awe as the colon cleanse scrubbed all 9 feet of his colon. For three days he produced 9 feet of turquoise, you know what! IMMEDIATELY I remembered that radioactive dye hanging from the pole next to his bed. I also remembered that at the nursing home when they would disconnect a feeding bag from his tube that it would drip on the floor. If it would dry without being wiped up, then it would take a razor blade, not a paring knife to get it removed. It was like hard rubber when it dried. Joshua's colon was lined with this stuff for 2 years!

This amazing product scrubbed it clean, like new. His complexion immediately cleared up and even better than that is his memory became so clear, no more short-term memory. He was back to normal and we became completely sold on this God breathed product of Dr. Joseph Christiano and have many friends and family using it now - Thank You Dr. Christiano!

Debra H. - October 15, 2012

Life is so precious and so short! I hope this testimonial letter has encouraged you to take that healthy step and cleanse your colon.