SC - Adult Stem Cell Activators for Blood Sugar

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SC Blood Sugar - 30 ML

Regulates intercellular communication and supports normal blood sugar.

Possible Applications: Blood sugar imbalances, fatigue, weight gain, nerve and vision issues.

Adult Stem Cell Activators target the Blood Sugar. Regulatory Protein-based Nanoparticles and Nanotechnology targets the gland, organ or tissue creating cellular communication for optimum glandular function. The damaged cells/tissues are replaced and removed from the body. 

Dosing: 1-20 drops a day.  Mix in 2 to 3 oz of water and take away from food or supplements. Can take up to 4 products - take them 15 minutes apart for best results- do not combine them together.  We recommend that you start with 5 to 7 drops and increase a few drops daily to the full dose of 20 drops.  Can start at full dosage. 

These products contain regulatory peptides obtained from natural sources using Nanotechnology which reestablishes cellular communication and activates adult stem cells. These preparations are nontoxic and do not have allergic responses in long term applications.

These are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, only to support the body’s natural processes.                                                    


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.


Lisa C. on 12/15/2021 02:39pm
After only a few bottles of SC for my sister, and within only 2 weeks, her sugar numbers are back to normal!! It was affecting her eyes and now they are back to normal as well. This is great!!
Rosalie L. on 12/15/2021 02:38pm
I am a retired nurse and had a lot of doubt about these activators. They wanted to put me on shots, that I didn't want to start on. After taking PANC & SC for only one month, my numbers went from 190 down to 120!! I have more energy and feel a lot better overall!! I couldn't believe it!!
Neil S. on 12/15/2021 12:39pm
My Wife is doing great!! Her blood sugar has been way too high for quite some time. We decided to try the PANC and SC together to give it all we could. She has only been on these for 4 months and when she started her number was around 200. The next month it went to 170, the next month 150, now it is around 130. Nothing has worked until now! We are so excited about this we are telling everyone they need to take these.
Nancy B. on 12/15/2021 12:38pm
I was on the verge of diabetes. Just got my results back from blood test. A1C started 7.1, after one month 7.0. A1C improving!! No need to take Metaformin now!!
sande Y on 03/14/2021 05:20pm
A few days after the 20/20/20 routine I could tell it was absolutely working on my blood sugar levels. My feet were the first indication that it was time to take my cinnamon & berberine supplement multiple times a day. Now after opening my 2nd bottle the results are most satisfying.
Patty on 10/03/2019 05:11pm
Went to Dr in May & A1c was 6.6 & blood sugar was 166. I started taking PANC in late May & SC a few weeks later. I went back to Dr yesterday for new lab results. A1c was 6.1 & sugar 137. No meds yet. He is going to wait & see if it comes down more. I've also been using OPTI & I've lost 18 pounds since mid-June.
Mark Moosa on 06/20/2018 10:36am
fasting bs would run 124 morning and 134 afternoon. After starting SC in one day blood sugar 104 morning and 95 in evening

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