BLD - Adult Stem Cell Activators for the Blood


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BLD - Blood - 30 ml

Regulates intercellular communication. Supports cellular & tissue regeneration in the Cardiovascular System and supports blood homeostasis, oxygenation and immune function. Able to render regulatory influence on development and functioning of T and B cells.

Possible Applications: infections, degenerative and pathological conditions, endothelium, anemia, hemorrhoids, arterial wall damage, varicose veins, etc. 

Adult Stem Cell Activators target the blood. Regulatory Protein-based Nanoparticles and Nanotechnology targets the gland, organ or tissue creating cellular communication for optimum glandular function. The damaged cells/tissues are replaced and removed from the body.

Dosing: 1-20 drops a day.  Mix in 2 to 3 oz of water and take away from food or supplements. Can take up to 4 products - take them 15 minutes apart for best results- do not combine them together.  We recommend that you start with 5 to 7 drops and increase a few drops daily to the full dose of 20 drops.  Can start at full dosage. 

These products contain regulatory peptides obtained from natural sources using Nanotechnology which reestablishes cellular communication and activates adult stem cells. These preparations are nontoxic and do not have allergic responses in long term applications.

These are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, only to support the body’s natural processes.                                                 


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.


Rex E on 12/19/2023 04:23pm
I've been dealing with a sore about 4 to 5" long and 3/4' Wide on my foot for 2 years! I've needed knee surgery for over 2 years but because of the sore I can't have it. I started taking BLD for circulation and in only 3 bottles my sore is 95% gone. It has been a god send. I'm excited to see what the next 3 bottles will do.
Stephanie C on 12/14/2023 12:21pm
The Dr. told my dad to cut off his legs because he had lots of blood clots in his legs (from the vaccine). The family put him on all naturals, including the BLD and HRT and his legs are back to almost normal. No more pain!! He wanted to die he was in so much pain. Nothing like it was before starting the activators!!
D. McClarty on 06/28/2022 03:53pm
My husband has chronic CMML lukemea. After only one bottle of ONC his white blood count jumped to 1100 points where he started at only 500!! Under 1000 is critical. His doctor was elated and told him to come back in 2 months. He was seeing him every two weeks!!!
Leslie L. on 12/15/2021 02:54pm
Since I've been on BLD, my hemroids are so much better!! I don't want to run out!!
B. Williams on 12/15/2021 02:53pm
My Dr. put me on Plavix for a skin disorder where I needed to wear long sleeves all the time. Now, after taking BLD I don't need to wear long sleeves anymore. Unbelievable!!
Diana B. on 12/15/2021 02:52pm
I'm very excited!! I have a rare blood cancer so I thought I would try the BLD. I've been taking the BLD for 6 weeks and my numbers are down!! I've been dizzy, which is one of the side effects, and now no more dizzyness!
Alessandro L. on 12/15/2021 02:52pm
My legs were swelling really bad, I even tried 20 different antibiotics, nothing worked! I've only been on the BLD drops for one week and my legs aren't swelling as bad! Can't believe how good I feel!!
Fernando Salazar on 01/25/2019 01:27am
El activador de celulas madres sirve para producir y proteger plaquetas?? puede utilizarse para el padecimiento de una Trombocitopenia idiopatica??
Ewa Harris on 12/08/2018 05:15pm
Update - Aortic Aneurism . My Mom went to the doctor on 3rd December, they did Doppler exam on her, and doctor said she can be operated on it in 3 years. Before any operation wasn't even an "option", so it has changed! We will stick to ONLY activators and let it shrink more and more and check on it from time to time!
Nancy Cantrell on 11/06/2018 04:46am
Nancy Cantrell 5/23/2018 I had large veins sticking out, even spider veins. My mother died of vein issues. Now after 1.5 months, veins are not sticking out and just has little veins. No more pain!! Sooo thrilled!!
Ewa Harris on 11/06/2018 04:42am
My Mom was suffering from an aortic aneurysm in her stomach. It was 5 cm in March. We put her on the blood (BLD) and heart (HRT) activators. At her next sonogram appointment, in September, she found out her aneurysm shrunk 9 mm, now it is 4.1 cm. The activators work!
Ewa Harris on 09/19/2018 11:13am
My Mom is suffering from aortic aneurism in her belly .It was 5 cms in march . We put her on blood and heart activators .She had appointment for her ultrasonogram scheduled on September 10th 2018 , so it was just over a week ago . Her anurism shrinked 9 mm , now it is 4.1 cms . It works

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