HEART SRF - Companion Product w/ Stem Cell Activator HRT (Heart)


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HEART SRF - Heart Tissue Support

*Companion supplement for HRT Activator

Stem Regen Factors®
- an exclusive blend of clinically tested, micronized ingredients that help promote the production and release millions of your body’s own stem cells from the bone marrow into the bloodstream. Studies show that the more stem cells you have circulating in your body, the greater the ability of your body to naturally renew itself.

Micronized Ingredients
- Smaller is better! Cutting-edge micronization technology produces tiny particle-sized, ingredients allowing for Superior Absorption, bypassing the Gastrointestinal Tract, Improved Bioavailability and Faster On-Set of Action. This means there are no pills to swallow, easy-to-use spray, safe and convenient, with rapid bioavailability, and quick results.

Complete Micronized Nutrient Support - A full range of supportive nutrients include vitamins, minerals, herbs, cell salts, amino acids, and nutraceuticals to support the organ or system for optimal health and restoration. Stem Regen Factors is uniquely formulated to encompass the science behind Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic and Western Medicine for optimal nutritional support.

Detox Support - Deep cellular detoxification with lymphatic and organ drainage is a fundamental component of cell health and renewal. Without detoxification, cell waste will buildup not allowing the nutrients to be utilized by the cells properly. This could be the root of many diseases.

Emotional Support - For optimal health, the mind-body connection must be addressed. Cells need constant growth to maintain the body’s healthy functioning. However, when confronted by stress, cells adopt a defensive protection posture. When that happens, the body’s energy resources, normally used to sustain growth and healing, are diverted to systems that provide protection. The result is that growth and healing processes are restricted or suspended in a stressed system. The Emotional Support in Heart SRF restores the body to a state of calm and counter balance and allows the cells to relax, grow and repair.

Laser Infused Bio-Information - Includes frequency based information to provide support to targeted organ or system making this Product Line an even more unique product for superior results.

* 'Healthy Partner's' discount is not applicable for any SRF products.

Versietta Williams-Garrett on 12/30/2021 12:36am
My husband was in the hospital for breathing issues and constantly back to the doctors with no success. The doctor finally said he had heart failure, I was so scared. He was having a hard time catching his breath, he's been on several medications including one for diabetes. I got a call from the doctor one morning saying that his condition is declining & his heart was operating at 21%. I started praying but I was frantically looking for an answer. I was watching a health channel one day and heard the information about these products. I asked my husband if would he be willing to try the Stem Cell activators.... he said YES!!. I ordered the HRT that night. My husband started taking the drops and continued for about 3months. Every time we went to the doctor we got a good report. However, the doctors insisted on putting in a pacemaker. My husband just recently got an echocardiogram and his heart is operating at 45%. I am elated and praising God for giving you this creation. I pray a special blessing over your entire life and company. I can't thank you and God enough.

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