Deep Core Energy - companion for stem cell activators and immune system.

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DEEP CORE ENERGY - Immune System, Mitochondria and NAD+ Support

* "I personally take Deep Core Energy and as powerful antiviral protocols and immune system builders!" - Dr. Joe 

Immune System Support

Over time our cells become tired and lose their ability to repair, heal and consequently, they become unenergized. For immunological strength and integrity, our cells must be constantly re-energized so to also combat univited invaders i.e. pathogens, viruses, germs, parasites, bacterium, etc.  

Mitochondria Support

Increased intracellular NAD+ Promotes youthful vitality Enhanced efficiency of the Mitochondria Boost in cellular energy production Increased concentration and mental clarity Promotes overall well-being Immune System Boost & overall well-being

NAD+ Support

Supports the body's production of an ample supply of NAD+ to fuel energy processes and maintain optimal cellular health. NAD+ turns nutrients into ATP (the energy currency of each cell). Second, it works with proteins to carry out essential biological processes.

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Denise on 09/09/2020 09:36pm
I am also a Lyme Survivor , along with 12 co infecitons. As I had to heal myself with natural suppleents over 10 years ago; as with Lyme, it is never entirely resolved and damage is evident within many body systems. Due to my knowledge of natural products and my extensive use of them over many years; I tend to know the up and down side to them. On this site, there was a review stating that the user experienced more fatigue; to me that indicated that there was a significant load, likely of a viral nature that was being addressed - as a Herxheimer reaction. Reading that review indicated exactly what I was looking for; as i was noticing viral symptoms and ordered it based on that review. I did initially experience extreme fatigue from Deep Core Energy - so I went off it for a week and took VBF and IMN in small doses for this week - after which I added in gradually increasing doses of Deep Core; starting at 1 spray/night. The initial reaction was reduced significantly, and over the next week, I was able to take the full dose - at night and wake up feeling refreshed. In my opinion - based on the reactions alone - it is seen as very effective; taking it in combination with IMN and VBF will also potentiate reactions; and it has. However, the reactions are not in any way energy draining or life altering; they are infrequent and typical of the body's natural reaction to virus and bacterial elimination. (ie: sore throat, digestive upset, etc. very mild, especially when you have over-come the worst Lyme Symptoms. With that said; this combination is quite a power house on it's best days which are becoming more frequent and common. a general feeling of improved wellness - better thinking - more relaxed - improved muscle function - and clearer sinus and less aches and improved joint mobility. I have taken just one bottle of each, so Iook forward to continued improvements in the future.
Diane Willis on 04/10/2020 02:20pm
I've been using the deep core energy in addition to the IMN immune stem cell activator. It has increased my energy level. I suffer from Lyme Disease and Epstein Barr Virus. I highly recommend these products. I saw a difference the first week taking them. Thank you Dr Joe

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