VBF Defense - natural cleansing of viral, bacterial, and fungal organisms / immune support

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VBF Defense - Coronavirus/viruses/bacteria/fungus

* "I personally take VBF Defense and Deep Core Energy as powerful antiviral protocols and immune system builders!" - Dr. Joe 

3 Prong Approach


An antimicrobial is a substance that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms, virus, bacteria, or fungi. The use of a natural antimicrobial during an acute infection supports your immune system by directly immobilizing the bad microbes. Decreasing the microbial load gives your immune system the winning edge, allowing it to recover and fight.


The VBF Defense formulation is developed along the same lines as Micro-Immunotherapy. This gene frequency targeting technology uses ULD -Ultra Low Doses of gene sequences to turn the immune system back on, restoring the defense system of the body to give back all its fighting potential.


Dr. Enderlein discovered that if a lower stage good form of the pathogen he calls Somatids were given in a micro dose remedy, it would degrade the bad pathogenic forms into the inactive primitive stages. These can then be eliminated through the urinary paths, intestine, skin, and bronchi.


Acute Issues - 
Each bottle contains one round which should be completed over a 10 day period or as directed by your practitioner.

Chronic Issues:
Can be taken for 30 days (3 bottles) or longer if needed. Take a 4-5 day break every 30 days before repeating another 30 day round.

Preventive Support:
Throughout the standard cold/flu season - take VBF 1 day a week (3 times per day).

Corona Virus Preparedness
take VBF 3 days a week spaced out (3 times per day).

Corona Virus Acute Case - take VBF up to 6 times a day until symptoms subside, then follow normal dosage per label. 

For additional support use:
Deep Core Energy, the activators THYM and IMN, and or Lung SRF (spray) to support a healthy immune system. 

To reduce the viral, bacterial, fungal load we suggest as part of a maintenance program, take a full 10 day regime once a quarter for optimal immune support. Take VBF as suggested above or as directed by your practitioner.

* Healthy Partner's discount is not applicable
Joseph Christiano on 03/22/2020 03:31pm
To take wise precautions, I personally take VBF and give it to all my staff at the office as a means to prevent, contain and or eliminate any virus. VBF is by far a cutting-edge immune boosting and defense protocol against viral attack. - Dr. Joe

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