Concentrace - Liquid 'TRACE' Minerals


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Concentrace Liquid Trace Minerals

Trace mineral deficiency is being increasingly implicated as a major cause of disease. In Dr. Jensen's book EMPTY HARVEST, he talks about how many of our illnesses are correlated with our improper stewardship of the land. Our immunity very much parallels the immunity of the land. Of special mention is that trace minerals are very depleted in our soils. Veterinarians have long since known this, which is why there are some 45 trace minerals added to dog and livestock food. They would much rather spend a few cents everyday than hundreds of dollars on vet bills!

The long lived Huzas owe their fabled vitality and unequaled longevity to abundant trace minerals found in their rich soil. One need merely look at pictures of their valley to see how this glacial water is literally full of trace minerals which is why their apricot trees live 80-90 years and a great many people live well into their 100's. It is the soil that is the major secret to their health and longevity! This source of organic trace minerals has a similar complement of precious organic trace minerals. We are made from dust of the earth and this dust, our own soils, is greatly depleted. This makes trace mineral supplementation a very necessary and a healthy choice. You will also feel great on CONCENTRACE.

CONCENTRACE Liquid Minerals is a purified concentrated mineral source: a (desalinated) product providing our mineral balance for more effective electric connections to nerve endings for alertness and body responses. Many arthritcs with bone spurs have taken CONCENTRACE (40 drops in water each day (drink at intervals 10 drops in 1 glass x 4 times.)) This appears to dissolve abnormal mineral deposit spurs (bone spurs) and give energy and alertness too. This dosage increases bowel action but has not been harmful, only eliminates the problem quickly.

Adults and children are encouraged to take 10 drops in water on awakening to become alert, and mental work improves. Sickness, disease, or optimum health? Many will be surprised to learn that the proper balance of minerals in the body can make a difference.  It has even been known to help with hair growth!

One 8oz bottle should last 3 to 4 months.

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