Living Beyond Your Chronic Pain

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Taking Chronic Out of Pain Management
    Physician shares insight on chronic pain and the advantages of holistic healing

An estimated 116+ million people, one-third of all  Americans, suffer from chronic pain on a day-to-day basis and over 1.5 billion worldwide. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, chronic pain is cited as the most common reason Americans enter the healthcare system and is one of the largest contributors to healthcare costs.

But what if many of these pain sufferers could eliminate chronic from their vocabulary?

Dr. Joseph Christiano ND, CNC, doctor of naturopathy and certified nutritional counselor, says it's possible. He’s on a mission to help  those suffering from the effects of chronic pain take a more holistic, healthful approach to leading a pain-free life.

Living Beyond Your Chronic Pain: 8 Simple Steps to a  Pain-Free and Healthy Life (Destiny Image, September 2014) is a daily go-to guide, with over 20 treatment options, to help readers break free from the prison chronic pain holds on people all over the world. As a best-selling author and 40-year veteran in the health and wellness industry, Christiano explains how he turned years of his own chronic pain into a message of hope for those who experience the same hardships.

Christiano’s steps to living pain-free are outlined within a few simple categories:

  - Stem Cell Therapies
  - Overcoming Pain
  - Blood Type Nutrition—Diet
  - No Pain Nutritional Supplements
  - Life Is in Your Cells
  - Colon Cleansing
  - A Strong Immune System
  - Exercise
  - Rest and Relaxation
  - Strategies for Anti-Aging

"Staying physically fit has always been a passion of mine,  but I’ve struggled with chronic pain ever since I can remember." Christiano says. "Now, two years after major back surgery and two total hip replacements, I am my own walking billboard. I am back to training, walking the beach and doing what I love most – being active. I want to share my message of hope with others who suffer from the same pain I did, both physically and mentally."

Through Christiano's combination of his personal story and proven research, Living Beyond Your Chronic Pain discusses topics such as the dangerous side effects of managing pain with medications, how to walk through emotional struggles that come with chronic pain, the possibility of living without pain by making food selections for your blood type.

Read Dr. Christiano’s Story: Chronic Pain – Walking Through My Healing

Sara P. on 04/15/2015 09:23am
Dr. Christiano's book "Living Beyond Your Chronic Pain" it what I expected. He's a naturopathic doctor and certified nutritional counselor. I know that people that are into naturopathic treatments would really enjoy this. The book is well researched, well written and very informative. I did get a lot out of the book and it was written so that the lay person could understand and use the information in their daily lives. Also, he does repeat some of the objectives in the book but its so that the reader will remember how important those points are. The points on certain issues may be repeated but in other areas of chronic pain and dealing with it. He shows ways to deal with pain without surgery nor a lot of pain pills, he's been through chronic pain and he teaches from his own experiences.
If you are experiencing chronic pain then I think this may be worth your time to read and try it.
Terri J. on 12/18/2014 08:07am
I read Living Beyond Your Chronic Pain by Dr. Joseph Christiano. It was really good. I loved the way he began the book, by telling his own background. It was written in such a way that I could relate and could feel his pain. I loved how he talked about natural remedies and not automatically turning to surgery to fix the problem. I loved how he was willing to discuss various methods of healing which included surgery sometimes. I felt like I could relate to what Dr. Christiano was writing about, had experienced himself, and I felt like he addressed not just the trauma that affects the person who is in pain but how it affects the whole family.

This was very well written, very engaging, and I was drawn into the book immediately. I would highly recommend it for people who are experiencing any type of chronic pain, not just the types he describes in the book. He offers hope which is what all people who suffer on a continual basis need.
Victoria D. on 12/18/2014 08:03am
What I liked most about this book was how the author explained everything. He had great charts, a glossary of treatments and a section on supplements. I have chronic pain due to a car accident and I have tried a lot of different things. There are still things that I learned from this book. There were treatments that I have tried and I enjoyed reading more about them. I also liked that the author did not leave anything out. There are so many different options. I was glad when he talked about not taking medicines and instead trying to change your attitude. He also talks about surgery as a last resort, and I agree. The 8 steps are easy and there are only 8. I am already trying step one and two. The author is a naturopathic doctor and nutritional counselor and all his steps make sure that your body gets the nutrition you need. Anyone with chronic pain should read this book. I am giving this book a 5/5.
Shirley P. on 12/18/2014 08:00am
Joseph Christiano takes a long, hard look at what it takes to overcome chronic pain. The causes of chronic pain are examined. He walks you through the various therapies and modalities that may offer help before you rely on conventional medications and/or surgery. Among other options he discusses adult stem cell treatments, platelet-rich plasma injections, attitude, diet, exercise, supplements, and the importance of sleep.
Joseph Christiano is not a stranger to chronic pain so the ideas he brings to this book come not just from research but from personal experience.
This book is also a guide that will help those not dealing with chronic pain to avoid many of the causes of chronic pain by making lifestyle changes now. This book is an excellent reference book and a guide to healthy lifestyle changes now that will benefit anyone.
I recommend this book to anyone looking for relief from chronic pain, anyone who knows someone with chronic pain, or anyone who wishes to make lifestyle changes to avoid the chronic pain often associated with aging.

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