KDN - Adult Stem Cell Activators for Kidneys


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KDN Kidney and detoxification - 30mL

Targeted Adult Stem Cell Activators. Regulates intercellular communication. Supports cellular & tissue regeneration in the Kidneys. Enhances fluid regulation and detoxification.

Possible Applications: toxicosis, degenerative and pathological kidney conditions, Nephrosis-protein in the urine, low blood protein levels, high cholesterol levels, swelling, chronic anemia, chronic fatigue, kidney failure and insufficiency, high blood pressure, recurrent kidney infections, dialysis support, edema, etc.

Regulatory Protein-based Nanoparticles and Nanotechnology targets the gland, organ or tissue creating cellular communication for optimum glandular function. The damaged cells/tissues are replaced and removed from the body.

Dosing: 1-20 drops a day.  Mix in 2 to 3 oz of water and take away from food or supplements. Can take up to 4 products - take them 15 minutes apart for best results- do not combine them together.  We recommend that you start with 5 to 7 drops and increase a few drops daily to the full dose of 20 drops.  Can start at full dosage. 

These products contain regulatory peptides obtained from natural sources using Nanotechnology which reestablishes cellular communication and activates adult stem cells. These preparations are nontoxic and do not have allergic responses in long term applications.

These are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, only to support the body’s natural processes.                                                       


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.


Eunice B on 07/12/2024 10:32am
I just came from my Dr's office and he reported that I don't have any infections and my kidneys are in 100% shape (when I started KDN they were at 35%)!! No more meds, nothing!! They are now perfect!! So very thrilled!!!
Linda K on 06/12/2024 03:11pm
The KDN kept me off dialysis!! I was at 32% and now up to 40%!! I don't know where I'd be without taking the KDN, going to continue to get better results!!
Joseph F on 04/18/2024 02:09pm
Before taking any of the activators, I was in kidney failure! After only 3 weeks of taking the KDN, my kidneys are now working at normal levels! I'm sleeping so much better & NO longer afraid. The activators have changed my life, I never thought these would turn all of my health issues around! THANK YOU DR JOE!
Juanita G on 04/12/2024 02:52pm
I've only taken one bottle of KDN for my swelling and edema, something that my mother suffered from and that I've been dealing with for years, and the activator has taken the pain away! I couldn't even get a pedicure because it was so painful now I'm going to treat myself to getting one! I'm so thrilled!!!
Mark K on 01/29/2024 04:09pm
My ankle was so swollen I couldn't even put my shoe on due to my kidneys. I called my Dr. to let her know, she asked if it hurt which there wasn't any pain so she told me just to live with it. After taking the KDN activator, the swelling went down & was able to put my shoe on. The dr said "see that's how well the medicine is working". I explained to her that it wasn't the medicine, it was the stem cell activator, she told me to keep taking them!!
Kathy B on 12/14/2023 03:55pm
I had a growth on my kidneys and doctor wanted to do surgery but I said no. So when I saw Dr. Joe on TV and felt led by the spirit to try this instead. I had several sonograms and each time the growth showed it shrinking. In 9 months after taking the ONC and KDN it was completely gone!! It's an answer to prayer!!
Etta A on 12/14/2023 02:23pm
My husband was told he needed to go on dialysis, who is 90 years old, so I started him on the KDN activator. After only 24 days we got him retested. His kidney function went up from 26% to 36% and his creatinine went down from 2.0 to 1.5! He was told there was no need for dialysis now!!
Cheryl S. on 01/17/2023 01:30pm
I was on Dialysis with NO kidney function. After taking the KDN activator I'm still able to urinate on my own. My doctor told me that due to how bad my kidney was, I should be dead! I know these activators REALLY work, I feel really good!
Ann on 07/19/2022 12:08pm
I took the KDN for 3 bottles because my doctor said I was at stage 3 or 4 kidney disease but now I was just retested and am now at stage 1 or 2 and no longer have kidney disease. I am soooo happy!
Norma on 07/19/2022 12:07pm
My blood pressure was so high and my doctor couldn't get it down. It went from 90% down to 50% before taking the KDN. Now they said my kidneys looked "beautiful"!! My BP is now normal!!
Filena on 06/29/2022 02:51pm
I just wanted to call and tell you how amazing these products are! My blood pressure has always ran high; over 150 - 170 ALWAYS!! After taking KDN for one bottle, my blood pressure went down to 139!! I just couldn't believe it could work this fast! Unbelievable!!
P. Morse on 06/29/2022 02:50pm
I started at 19% - stage 4 kidney failure!! My Dr. wanted to do the dye in the leg and I said no. After being on the KDN for 3 bottles my Dr. said I didn't need to do the procedure because it is now at 27%!! He wanted to tell me that personally!!
Soliz on 06/29/2022 02:49pm
After living a life style as a band member, partying for many many years! I ended up with Kidney failure & on a transplant list. Even though it took 1 year being on the KDN, my CREATIN started out at 13.8 & is now down to 8!! His A1C # started out at 12 & is now down to 5.8, Dr told him that if he can get his CREATININE to 2, he can get off Dialysis!!! AMAZING:)
Elizabeth on 06/29/2022 02:49pm
I'm taking KDN for my high blood pressure. It's been high my whole life. Since I've been taking KDN for 5 weeks now, my blood pressure has stayed steady. My cardiologist couldn't believe it!! This is wonderful!!
E. Muir on 06/28/2022 04:22pm
My kidneys were functioning at 10% and my doctor told me I would be needing dialysis. Within a few bottles of the KDN both of my doctors never brought up my kidneys so I asked them. They told me to keep doing whatever I was doing that my kidneys were fine. They are now at 70-80% functioning. I'm so thankful!!!
Beatrice K. on 12/09/2021 04:14pm
Before taking the KDN activator I had very high blood pressure. After only 3 bottles my high blood pressure is holding steady, back to normal. My Dr. even asked me what I was taking!! So funny and so thankful!!!
Ada S. on 12/09/2021 04:13pm
At the beginning of 2020 I had horrible kidney stones. I even had blood in my urine. Now that I've been taking the KDN I have no more blood in my urine and no more kidney stones!! I'm so happy with the results and so amazed!!
Rusty N. on 12/09/2021 04:12pm
These are Super Successful!!! In only my first bottle of KDN, 3 weeks, my blood pressure went back to normal and staying there!!
Patricia J. on 12/09/2021 04:11pm
My 48 year old son, who thought he would never be able to come off dialisis, is now off dialisis!! He took KDN for 5 months and his doctor was happy to find out he was back urinating on his own and said his kidneys were just fine. No need for dialisis!! He feels so blessed!!
L. Morgan on 12/09/2021 04:09pm
I was diagnosed with stage 3 Kidney failure and recently was in the hospital for something unrealted to my Kidneys and found out that I am not even Stage 1 now. I had only been taking the KDN for 2 months.I am very thankful for Dr. Joe.
D. Law on 12/09/2021 03:32pm
Husband has been on dialisis for years and dr said if his creatinin goes to 2.5 he can get off dialisis. He was at 7.7 in january 2020 before he started drops. Now after only 6 months He is at 4.5. Can't wait to get off dialisis. He was also going for 4 hours 3Xweek. Now because his numbers are doing so well he only needs 3x 15 mins. He has more energy and looking better and better. AMAZING!! Will let you know when he gets off dialisis!
Tammy B. on 12/09/2021 03:29pm
My mother, Janet, was bedridden prior to taking the KDN activators. She was in critical care at the hospital for 3-4 days, and could hardly walk to the bathroom by herself. Within 1 week on KDN she started getting around the house without any help and within 2 weeks she started cooking for herself. She is now living again, almost a normal life!! We are all so happy and couln't believe the results!! We thank God first and formost for her healing but also for sending us to you!!!
G. Cofer on 12/09/2021 03:28pm
I was told by her Dr. that my Kidneys are starting to fail, so I ordered one bottle of KDN and after just that bottle I went back to the Dr. for a routine checkup and he told me that my Kidneys are functioning normal now%u2026. I am so excited!
Nancy B. on 12/09/2021 03:28pm
So thankful for Dr Joe. I want him to know how appreciated he really is! My Dr. has asked me 2 different times if I have another DR! 1 week on the KDN and I am able to use the bathroom and empty my bladder!!
D. Allen on 12/09/2021 03:26pm
I've been on KDN for 4 months now and I'm so pleased!! My Dr. said my kidneys look great!! Kidneys are now functioning at 100%!! I started at stage 3, going up to stage 4, of kidney failure when I started on these drops.
Kent S. on 12/09/2021 02:31pm
Didn't think the drops could work so fast…within 10 days, Dr. couldn't find anything wrong with my kidney. Was told I would need to go on dialysis soon but now no need!! Dr. was amazed!!
Joe H. on 12/09/2021 02:29pm
After 2 bottles my kidney function went from 20% to 23%. Dr. said to keep on doing whatever I am doing. He wanted to put me on dialisis, now not talking about it! I am now a believer on this!!
Jolene S. on 12/09/2021 02:28pm
After 6 bottles, husband, Bill's, numbers improved: Creatinine (should be <1.2) - was 3.9 - now 2.2 BUN (should be <20) - was 83 - now 70 GFR (should be >60) - was 21 - now 35
Caroline H.L. on 12/09/2021 02:01pm
After 4 bottles, don't need dialysis!! Was at 18% kidney function and now at 30%!! Very happy and amazed how this is helping!!
Julia P on 12/09/2021 02:00pm
I was feeling really bad. My Dr. said I have 3rd stage kidney disease. I went back after taking these drops and the Dr. said there were no problems, that everything is now fine!!
Patricia P. on 12/09/2021 01:12pm
I am using KDN, just ordered my 2nd bottle, after 1 bottle, I am up 7 points!! Dr. gave me 8 weeks to come back. I was being looked at every 2 weeks!!!
Carl C. on 12/09/2021 01:11pm
Using KDN, my doctor has said there is no more protein in urine, after my 1st bottle.
Alejandro Sanchez on 12/07/2020 06:30pm
By not having insurance and not getting any check ups, my high blood pressure damaged my kidneys. Have all the symptoms. Found this website doing my own research. After about 45 days taking the drops and a proper diet, and exercise, as of 2 days ago my lower back pain is gone, And the swelling of my left foot is almost gone. I really feel that this works! I WILL ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL! THANKS VERY MUCH! ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW!
Dr. Russell Lieberman on 12/06/2019 11:05am
I am a licensed chiropractic physician and want to give my testimony on the effectiveness of KDN I have a long-term history of essential hypertension which has damaged my heart and kidneys My eGFR rate (normal rate for caucasian is >60 ml/min) dropped from 60 down to 54 ml/min which is the beginning of CKD (chronic kidney disease) and overtime the damage to these tiny nephrons (arterioles) will eventually result in dialysis (below 35 ml/min) clearance rate. I have been taking the KDN product after reading the book Stem Cell Revolution cover-to-cover and I want to report my latest blood work came back and my eGFR is now 65!!! I was totally shocked and my FP (family practitioner) looked like a "deer in the headlights" when I asked him to explain this result.He couldn't and when I told him I was doing stem cell therapy he said, ".Be careful!" I am also taking HRT and Heart Stem Regen for my oher cardiac issues.Just wanted to end with this.Stem Cell therapy is cutting edge and if you wait like the medical community says that there's no long term studies to support this.it is your body and your decision.As for me I hold to the adage, "Inspect what you expect".use the product for 90-days and retest like Dr. Christiano said Merry Christmas & Happy New Year:)
Jolene S. on 10/02/2019 03:29pm
8-17-18 After 6 bottles, my husband, Bill's, numbers have improved we are thrilled! Creatine (should be - 1.2) - was 3.9 - now 2.2 BUN (should be 60) - was 21 - now 35
Ewa Harris on 04/29/2018 04:10pm
UPDATE on my Mom Alexandra :) My Mom is just after her last exams - her both kidneys are doing well ! It is after 3 months of taking the kidney activators ! Now she is taking also heart and connetcive tissue to address the aortic aneurysm and we will se how it is going
Ewa Harris on 03/31/2018 07:30pm
Alexandra's story Part I

My Mom Alexandra was diagnosed with kidney failure about 2 months ago . She was taken to hospital by ambulance , feeling loss of energy and in pain in her stomach area and back area .She went through catscan which showed kidney failure and additionally a big 5 cm aortic aneurism . After catscan doctor told her thay are not able to do anything with it because she suffered 2 heart atttacks in the past and being 87 she is not a candidate for any surgery .He let her go home without any prescription medication to help her cope with diagnosis . For a woman like my Mom it was devastating because she understood that it means just waiting to die with no hope . When my sister phoned me at first I was scared for my Mom's life but then I started looking for solution . I told my husband what I know and my husband said he probably knows what to do because he listened to Coast to Coast radio show with Dr.Christiano about stem cell therapy . I had no idea what my husband is talking about because I thought such new treatments cost thousands and thousands of dollars which we wouldn't be able to afford . I started my research about stem cell therapies and I watched all shows with Dr.Christiano to understand how adult stem cell activators work . I watches many possible movies made about stem cells and how people react to stem cell treatments . Then I decided it was the only way to treat my Mom's kidney and make her aortas stronger and maybe the aneurism would dissapear too . We started with kidney activators and we bough enough for 3 months treatment .Now it is second month and I must say it : it works fabulously . My Mom's voice on the phone is strong , her energy level is much higher , she started eating .Not only - she started cooking for herself and she wants to be independent . My Mom lives in Poland , I live in Canada so the only possible way to be in touch is the phone . I am very much grateful for hearing her voice every day stronger and stronger . Now we added heart activator and connective tissue activator to improve her heart and veins .In september my Mom will have her kidney examined by usg ( ultrasonograf) and then we will know how her kidney is and how much it has improved . With best regards to Dr. Christiano , who is always there to answer the email or message and giving advice as for the dosage . Ewa
Mary B on 04/04/2017 02:29pm
THANK YOU!! my husbands kidney out put went up 10% with just one bottle!! His DR was as ecited as we were because he has been diagnosed with chronic kidney failure
Harriet T on 04/04/2017 02:27pm
My husbands GFR went from 33 to 47
in only 2 months! This product really works its amazing!
N. Cane on 02/07/2017 10:58am
I begain taking the KDN stem cell activator in November, my level was a 17. I went back to my Dr and my level is at 25!!! In one month I will continue to take these forever!! I don't want to have to live on dialysis. This is an answer to prayer!! Thank you

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