Blood Type Diet

In his highly acclaimed book “Blood Types, Body Types and You”, Dr. Joseph Christiano, ND, CNC, gives readers who want to lose weight the keys to unlocking their genetic code and explains why you should eat right for your blood type. In fact, following the advice in his book, which also includes a blood type diet food list and other helpful products, may be able to help you shed up to 28 pounds and 14 percent of your body fat in just three short months.

World-famous Dr. Oz explains “why the blood type diet works”. The chemical reaction between the food you eat and your blood is part of your genetic make-up. And this reaction is a result of lectins, which are abundant and diverse proteins found in food. Their agglutinating properties can have profound effects on the blood. For this reason, lectins are likely to target an organ or bodily system and start to agglutinate blood cells in that area if you consume food with protein lectins, which are not compatible with your blood type. 

When you eat right for your blood type you are more likely to have a healthy lifestyle and even trim down a number of disease-related complications, including heart disease. Studies have shown that it can also slow down cognitive decline to improve brain functions.

The blood type diet illustrates how the foods you consume chemically react with your blood type, and thus, the importance of choosing the right foods for your blood type. Aside from being able to prevent diseases, the right diet for your blood type will help you lose weight in a more natural way. You’ll also have more energy, as most of the foods will be absorbed into the blood stream.

Dr. Christiano offers his blood type diet list in his book and during one-on-one patient counseling. For instance, he recommends that those with blood type O should only focus on a high-protein diet that mainly consists of vegetables, fish, poultry, and lean. These diets should also contain beans, dairy, and grains, though in small amounts. Moreover, he advises those with this blood group not to forget supplements and other blood type products, since they can help alleviate stomach upset, which tend to be common amongst persons with type O blood.

Individuals with blood type A, on the other hand, tend to have a more sensitive immune system; hence, they are advised to have meat-free based diet, which should mainly consist of whole grains, vegetables, beans, legumes, and fruits.

Consequently, people with type B blood are encouraged to eat eggs, low-fat dairy, certain meats, and green vegetables. They are, however, advised against consuming corn, peanuts, lentils, sesame seeds, buckwheat, and peanuts. Meanwhile, the diet of type AB blood should be based on green vegetables, seafood, tofu, and dairy. Since persons with this blood type tend to have low stomach acid, they are highly encouraged to avoid alcohol, caffeine, and smoked or cured meat.

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