Reaching Your Ideal Weight for Life - Part 2

Written by Joseph Christiano ND

Ignite and Burn 

Now that you are getting the idea of body mechanics and the necessity of them operating correctly to create the right environment for losing weight, let’s dig in further and learn about the ignite and burn concept. 

Since you are going to need to start a fire in the fireplace before you can warm the family room you got to know how to ‘start’ a fire! To accomplish this you must first ignite with combustible materials – we’ll refer to it as ‘kindling’. By igniting the kindling you create a flame or start a fire. Now that you have a flame started you have created an environment for burning more kindling. Obviously to warm the entire family room it will take more than a mere flame to get the job done - it will take a blazing fire. To create a blazing fire all you simply have to do is add more kindling to the flame. As the flame becomes a blazing fire it will burn the kindling more efficiently and your goal and expectation of having a warm family room will soon become a reality. Warming your family room is totally dependent upon the fire or blazing fire you created which is the first step. Equally important if not more is the second step which is to keep the fire blazing so you can keep the room warm throughout the day and/or evening. Maintaining the blazing fire is the easiest step because now you have ‘momentum’. To keep that momentum in perpetual motion, all you have to do is feed the fire and a warm and cozy family room is the results. 

Power Point - Just keep feeding the fire for as long as you want the family room to stay warm. 

Precaution – Should you stop feeding the fire, the fire will go out. The mechanism for warming the room is now gone and the room will grow cold again. 

Parallel for losing weight for life

The blazing fire you created in your fireplace, which now burns the kindling easily and with very little effort on your part is symbolic of how your metabolism burns calories. You must keep stimulating your metabolism. Since using the right kind of kindling is important for starting a fire and for keeping the fire blazing, symbolically so it is with the type of the foods you eat. The most accurate and individualized foods to eat for a healthy metabolic rate, are foods that are compatible for your blood type. Like the blazing fire that keeps the room warm when using the correct kindling, it will be the foods that are compatible to your blood type that are necessary for keeping your metabolism working most efficiently for life. The increase in your metabolic rate makes it easier for your body to burn calories. 

Power Point - By accurately making food selections that are compatible to your blood type the EASIER it will be for you to lose weight, reach your ideal weight and maintain it for life. 

Let’s draw from the parallels in our picture story so we fully understand how to successfully lose and keep the weight off for life. 


Ignite and Burn 

Goal: To reach your ideal weight and maintain it for life. 

Just like our picture story required a couple steps that were necessary for keeping the family room warm, there are a couple steps to follow to be successful in losing weight and eventually reaching your ideal weight and maintaining it for life. 


  1. Create Thermo-genesis 
  2. Create Metabolic Momentum 

Thermo-genesis - The first step to take before you can expect to lose weight is to ignite or stimulate your metabolism. Remember your metabolism is a mechanism your body uses to burn calories. Just like igniting that fire in your fireplace you must ignite your metabolism. This is process called Thermo-genesis. Thermo-genesis ignites the calorie burning process or mechanism. It is your metabolism which causes your body to burn up calories for energy and the ideal calories you want to burn up for weight lost must come from stored body fat. 

To create Thermo-genesis or a Thermo-dynamic effect, specific fat cell receptors must be stimulated in order to elicit a breakdown of fat. This process for breaking down stored fat is known as lipolysis. Lipolysis causes the body to use stored fat as fuel for energy. This is the perfect process to utilize if your goal is to lose weight. Simultaneously this stimulation causes an increase in your metabolic rate the precursor for creating Metabolic Momentum. By increasing your metabolic rate your body becomes that ‘natural’ fat burner it was created to be and the end results is you will begin losing weight. 

Power Point – Your body utilizes carbohydrates, simple and complex, protein and fat as energy sources. 

  1. Carbohydrates are most important for quick energy (simple carbohydrates) and sustaining energy (complex carbohydrates) but will store as fat if they are not utilized! 
  2. Protein is the last energy source you want to utilize as it is best used for muscle repair, building the immune system and fat burning. 
  3. Fats are an excellent energy source but require a Thermo-blast effort through cardiovascular exercising. 

Metabolic Momentum 

Just like feeding that blazing fire in your fireplace throughout the day you create metabolic momentum for burning calories the same way but by eating – EATING STIMULATES YOUR METABOLISM. 

Metabolic Momentum, a Thermo-dynamic effect creates a perpetual state of internal energy production or calorie burning which is imperative for weight loss. If kept up long enough it will cause your body to reach its ideal weight and maintain it for life. 

The most natural and sensible way to keep your metabolism in perpetual motion is by: 

  • EATING – not by depriving yourself of food or dieting it off!
  • Food selections that are compatible to your blood type (most accurate and individualized). 

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