Reaching Your Ideal Weight for Life - Part 1

Written by Joseph Christiano ND

When people consider the things they must do to lose weight they first think of a weight loss diet plan -- right? Let's face it, after watching all the 12 week makeover infomercials marketing the latest and greatest weight loss diets, hasn't dieting always been the most popular method for losing weight? But if you have ever journeyed to 'Diet Island' and made the trip back, you probably experienced like most everyone else from the 'island' trip, that that weight loss diet plan you were on, didn't have lasting results. 

So before you decide to journey off to 'Diet Island' again, let me ask you something to probe your thinking and perhaps help you save the time, energy and frustration of a never ending cycle. Have you ever considered factoring your genetic individuality into the formula for accurately losing weight? 

As you know you are not exactly like the person next to you, or at the office and probably not exactly like a family member, either. You have been made a unique individual. And a part of your uniqueness is your own genetic individuality. So, if you haven't factored the major role your genetics play in selecting the correct foods for you as an individual then you are in for a wonderful surprise, that will absolutely revolutionize your thinking from here on out and keep you from ever having to journey back to 'Diet Island' again!. 

In one of my books entitled Bloodtypes, Bodytypes and YOU, I make reference to the term I coined "Instinctive Eating". It applies to how your body lets you know which foods are compatible for you to eat or not. These reactions and responses to the foods you consume come from your body's natural built-in indicator as to the affect a certain food has on your body's ability to operate and function at its optimum capacity. All this occurs at the cellular level or at the surface of your red blood cells and it is your blood type which determines the response to the foods you eat. It is only when you learn to listen to your body's responses to what you ingest, that you become an Instinctive Eater. 

I will be explaining throughout this series the gigantic role this phenomenon plays in making the correct food choices based on your blood type, so you can rid your body of disease, maximally improve your health and illness profile, and also reach your ideal weight for life. But before I explain how you can improve your illness profile plus the many health benefits that come naturally from making food selections based on your blood type, I want to spend some time focusing on losing weight. 

As your expectations are high for losing weight I want your expectations for keeping it off for life even higher! Unfortunately, the probability for NOT keeping it off for life is extremely high and can be very devastating, particularly if you gravitate to the old mentality of 'dieting' it off! 

So stay with me so I can guide you into a new understanding of your unique self and how you can avoid becoming a national statistic of NOT keeping your weight off for life! 

Power Point - Studies have shown that 95% of all dieters who lost weight on a diet plan gained it all back. 

There's a much more effective and effort-less approach to this weight loss issue than maybe you have experienced in the past. My approach to weight loss and keeping it off for life is not based on a weight loss diet but on your body mechanics, bodily functions and genetics. As you learn this exciting information about yourself and apply it, you will be successful at reaching your ideal weight for life. It will allow you to utilize 'What You Are' (genetically) in the most naturally effective way to obtain your goals. 

Believe it or not, being successful at losing weight and keeping it off for life is very simple. 

To help you with establishing a foundation to build on, check out the following 5 basic principles as a mental starting place: 

1. Jump-start your metabolism 
2. Feed your metabolism. 
3. Keep your metabolism in motion. 
4. Eat food (compatible to your blood type) - DON'T DIET. 
5. Exercise 

Once you let go of working at losing weight and learn that maximizing bodily functions and body mechanics through applying your genetic individuality (blood type) is natural and effortless. You will discover that all the effort you used before, like conjuring up the will power to 'hang in there', will become a thing of the past. 

As you leave all the effort for losing weight behind and allow your body to function as the 'natural' calorie burner it was designed to be, you will enjoy dietary freedom for the first time in your life! And as it is said, "The truth shall set you free!" 

My approach for losing weight and keeping it off for life is not a matter of will power but a matter of turning the power you have within - on!

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